Game Night Idea: How to Play Salad Bowl

Game Night Idea: How to play Salad Bowl

It’s the weekend, so I thought I’d share one of my favorite party games to play with friends, Salad Bowl. The great thing about this game is that you don’t need anything except pens, paper, a timer and bowl. It’s a really fun charades-taboo combo game that moves fast. Let me know if you try it out and like it!

How to play Salad Bowl


Divide into two teams. (This game works with small or large groups). Have one person pick a letter of the alphabet, then everyone writes one word that starts with that letter on a small piece of paper. Usually about 5 words each is enough (each word on a different piece of paper). Although you can lower it if you have a small group. Everyone puts their words in the bowl.

Salad Bowl

Round 1

In the first round each person will try to describe the words, saying anything except the word. Each person has 1 minute to get through as many words as they can while everyone else on the team tries to guess the words. The teams takes turns and after each person’s turn, count how many words were guessed and leave them out of the bowl. These are the team’s points. Continue until all the words are gone.

Put all the pieces of paper back in the bowl.

Round 2

Start again following the same directions, except that this round is exactly like charades. Each person has 45 seconds to act out as many words they can without saying anything. Again, the teams should take turns and count up the number of words guessed correctly for each. Continue until all the words are gone.

Put all the pieces of paper back in the bowl.

Round 3

It’s the same rules as before except you can only say ONE word to describe the word on the paper. This time each person only gets 30 seconds to get their team to guess as many words as possible. Keep going until all the words are gone from the bowl.

Then count how many correct words each team got from all 3 rounds – the team with the most wins!


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